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Welcoming a Local Planning Leader

September 16, 2015

TPD's Louis Hufnagle, project manager

In September 2015, TPD welcomed Louis Hufnagle to the family as a Project Manager, focusing on Municipal Services. Louis’ background is in public sector work, with over 12 years of planning experience working with both Chester and Delaware County Planning Departments in Pennsylvania. He has had a major hand in transforming the region’s highways, roads, bridges, streetscapes, greenways, as well as bicycle, pedestrian and transit facilities. In addition to assisting counties and municipalities in the preparation of studies and development of recommendations for improvements, while working for Delaware County he also served as an advisor to Delaware County Council and the County Executive Director on numerous transportation projects.

Louis’ diverse public planning experience compliments TPD’s Local Government Group, a team that provides traffic engineering services including multi-modal, streetscape, and trail design services to numerous municipalities, counties and non-profit groups throughout the state of Pennsylvania. To contact Louis with questions or about an existing or potential project, please call or email him at: 610.326.3100 or

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