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PennDOT District 6-0
7000 Geerdes Boulevard
King of Prussia, PA 19406

Project Completion Date

October 2010

Construction Cost


Project Overview

TPD was selected by PennDOT as part of a District 6-0 Multi-Bridge Contract to design the rehabilitation of the East High Street Bridge over Sanatoga Creek to ensure that this heavily traveled arterial could continue to serve as a vital link in Montgomery County. The existing structure consisted of a two-span stone arch bridge that was constructed in 1850. The bridge exhibited various failures over the years requiring numerous maintenance repairs, with the most recent resulting in an extensive closure in 2004. The rehabilitation provided an improved structure that met current criteria for safety, while maintaining the historic nature of this bridge for the community.

The existing structure extended 36-feet wide curb-to-curb with one 12-foot wide westbound through lane, one 12-foot wide eastbound through lane and one 12-foot wide eastbound left turn lane. There were no shoulders or provisions for pedestrians on either side of the structure. The existing arches provided approximately 21-foot horizontal and 12-foot vertical clearances in each cell. The U-wings that were located in all four quadrants ranged from 20’ - 170’ in length. The existing arches were in fair condition, while the northwest wingwall exhibited significant signs of potential failure. In addition, the existing barriers exhibited significant impact damage throughout the length over the bridge and over the extensive length of U-wings. Designing the rehabilitation to fit these constraints with consideration of aesthetics, fast construction and structure lifespan, while adhering to the District’s available budget, was a challenge that TPD successfully overcame.

TPD developed construction details and phasing that allowed the contractor to begin work with the roadway remaining open to traffic, and advance various key items of the work up front to minimize road closures. Aesthetics were also an important part of the design as the structure continues to serve as a landmark for the local community. TPD worked closely with PennDOT, the Township, and other local stakeholders to ensure the design was consistent with existing surrounding architecture.