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Lancaster County
150 North Queen Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

Project Completion Date

April 2013- March 2018

Construction Cost

$499,900 (TPD portion)

Project Overview

Under a five-year agreement, TPD is currently performing routine NBIS, interim bridge inspections, closed bridge inspections, and load rating analyses for 64 bridges owned by Lancaster County.

The bridges range in length from the 44’ to 256’, and include various bridge types:

- 20 authentic historic timber covered bridges

- 8 reinforced concrete through girder bridges

- 20 prestressed concrete beam bridges

- 5 precast concrete, stone masonry, and steel plate arch bridges

- 3 steel through girder bridges

- 6 steel or cast iron truss bridges

- 2 steel beam stringer bridges

The work includes conducting the field inspections to collect bridge condition data, preparation and submission of inspection reports, preparation of load rating analyses, posting evaluations, and maintenance recommendations. All work is being performed in accordance with PennDOT procedures utilizing PennDOT iForms and PennDOT’s BMS2 bridge database. Our work also includes identifying critical (priority 0) and high priority (priority 1) maintenance needs and issuing priority maintenance notification letters to the County to enable them to respond to these maintenance needs in a timely manner as required by PennDOT procedures.

As a subconsultant to the County Bridge Engineer, Rettew, TPD is managing the inspections being performed by four firms on the project team. TPD is performing approximately 75% of the inspections, with the remaining inspections being performed by Rettew, an underwater inspection specialist, and a DBE firm to meet the 10% contract DBE goal. Our management of this agreement also includes coordination with PennDOT District 8-0.