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PTC Open End Bridge Inspections Between MP 20 - MP 28 fma
  • PTC Open End Bridge Inspections Between MP 20 - MP 28 fma
  • PTC Open End Bridge Inspections Between MP 20 - MP 28 fma
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    Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
    P.O. Box 67676
    Harrisburg, PA 17106-7676

    Project Completion Date

    December 2013

    Construction Cost


    Project Overview

    TPD was contracted by the PA Turnpike Commission (PTC) to provide assistance maintaining bridges over the Turnpike, as well as bridges carrying the Turnpike, between milepost 20 – 28. For this contract, TPD provided project management and coordination for the duration of the project including the monitoring of schedule budget and project status. Monthly status reports were submitted to the PTC for the duration of the project.

    Preliminarily, TPD reviewed all existing information provided by the PTC on the 18 total bridges in order to determine the extent of the potential bridge work involved. In this stage, TPD reviewed existing bridge plans and maintenance records in addition to previous inspection reports including: routine NBIS, interim/special inspections, and underwater inspections.

    Prior to performing field inspections, TPD defined the parameters, criteria, and rating calculations for designating bridges as structurally deficient using PennDOT publications and FHWA SIA guidelines.

    After performing field inspections, TPD developed the necessary rehabilitation design and construction plans for the proposed improvements to remove the existing bridges from the ‘Structural Deficient’ category. The reports included:

    - Load rating analyses of existing structures

    - Designs and details for proposed repairs

    - Load rating analyses of rehabilitated structures

    - Minimal roadway plans

    - Traffic control plans

    - E&S Plans

    - Final structure plans

    - Required construction specifications

    - Final cost estimates