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Cooper University Hospital
One Cooper Plaza
Camden, NJ 08103

Project Completion Date

June 2013

Construction Cost


Project Overview

TPD was retained by Cooper Health System to provide engineering services including parking analysis, traffic (vehicular and pedestrian) analysis, and access design, for the proposed Cooper Cancer Institute (CCI) at the Cooper University Hospital (CUH) Campus. The analysis focused on the accommodation and integration of the proposed CCI within the existing Cooper University Hospital campus from a parking, traffic, and access perspective. TPD focused on the following critical elements: (1) determining the extent of the impact of the proposed CCI on the existing Cooper University Hospital (CUH); (2) evaluate the existing characteristics of the CUH campus and the surrounding areas affected by the proposed CCI; (3) identify logical solutions to manage the displacement of the existing site uses during and after the CCI construction phase; (4) address current (and future) parking and traffic management challenges within the existing CUH campus to efficiently distribute parking and circulate traffic (arrivals and departures) with the development of the proposed CCI (5) identify and design safety improvements for pedestrian crossings along Haddon Avenue for existing and proposed pedestrian crossing activity.

Project responsibilities include the completion of the following items:

- Parking Analysis. TPD evaluated the parking on the overall Hospital Campus including the parking garages and surrounding on-street parking areas, made recommendations regarding the adequacy of the existing campus parking, and generated proposed parking requirements. TPD generated site specific parking projections based on the data collected at the existing facilities (which included over 2,700 spaces).

- Traffic Analysis. The traffic analysis included an evaluation of approximately 10 intersections to determine potential impacts associated with the Cooper Cancer Institute and identified potential roadway and traffic signal improvements to mitigate impacts.

- Access Design. TPD provided technical input for the access design of the Cooper Cancer Institute and its integration into the existing campus. This included directional access conversions, roadway restriping, auxiliary turn lane design, radii modifications, and improved pedestrian accommodations.

- Signal Design. TPD designed traffic signal improvements for two signalized intersections along Haddon Avenue which involved coordination with NJDOT, the City/County of Camden, and NJ Transit. Additionally, TPD designed the City’s first Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon to improve pedestrian safety on Haddon Avenue.