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Butler County Planning Commission
124 W. Diamond Street
Butler, PA 16001

PennDOT 10-0
2550 Oakland Avenue
Indiana, PA 15701

Project Completion Date

January 2017

Project Overview

The purpose of this study was to investigate potential truck routes and improvements to accommodate heavy vehicles in the study area while creating a more vibrant, enhanced Main Street corridor for the City of Butler. The goal of this study was to identify the existing issues associated with heavy vehicle traffic in the study area, determine potential strategies to remedy these issues, provide a timeline for implementation of these recommendations, and outline the anticipated necessary funding for construction. The study evaluated existing area roadways and developed geometric, traffic control, or Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) solutions to address heavy vehicle traffic in the City of Butler and surrounding communities.

Project Highlights:

- Major stakeholder/community outreach effort

- Significant data collection effort included 40+ turning movement counts, 12 automatic traffic recorder counts, and a wide area truck origin-destination study covering eight (8) major routes

- Analysis of truck origin-destination data to identify truck trip patterns within the study area

- Analysis of existing traffic conditions using the SYNCHRO traffic analysis software

- Analysis of 14 improvement concepts including a high level planning review of a potential truck bypass within and around the City of Butler

- A thorough review of the traffic data, origin-destination results, and preliminary cost estimates quickly ruled out a major north-south bypass or an east-west truck access road from advancing into the final recommendations.

- Modeling/analyzing traffic impacts using SYNCHRO for a 20-year planning horizon

- Development of concept plans and cost estimates for various improvement concepts. Recommended improvements were scaled to the size of the problem and included, roundabouts, corridor upgrades, intersection upgrades, truck access roads, intersection realignments, safety improvements, and signal timing/equipment upgrades (including an evaluation of adaptive traffic signal systems within the study area)

- Identification of potential funding sources and compilation of recommendations into an improvements matrix, which was then used to rank recommended project priorities for various planning partners including Butler County Planning, the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC), and PennDOT