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Urban Outfitters Warehouse Development fma
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Urban Outfitters
5000 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19112

Project Completion Date

Summer 2015

Construction Cost


Project Overview

TPD is part of the project team developing Urban Outfitters’ 1.2 million s.f. warehouse in a tax-abatement zone in Salisbury Township, Lancaster County, PA. This development is slated to include a 900-vehicle parking lot and will be situated between Route 30 and the Amtrak railroad lines.

In terms of developing the site, TPD performed a traffic study to evaluate the impact associated with the proposed warehouse. TPD provided site-related recommendations related to turning movements, sight distances, driveway locations, as well as for the external roadway network.

TPD also performed Traffic Signal Design and Highway Occupancy Permitting (HOP) services for the proposed development.

Designating this area as a Keystone Opportunity Zone (KOZ) was a major hurdle as the public, including major attention from Governor Tom Corbett and Lt. Governor Jim Crawley, was highly involved. Under the KOZ program, Urban will not pay local and state taxes for 10 years, but will make payments in lieu of taxes to the township, the local school district and the county. After 10 years, Urban will begin paying taxes to the township, the school district, the county and the state.

This development is projected to create up to 500 new jobs upon completion.

TPD performed the following services related to the Urban Outfitters warehouse project:

- Traffic Study

- Traffic Signal Design

- Highway Occupancy Permitting (HOP)