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York Township
190 Oak Road
Dallastown, PA 17313

Project Completion Date

June 2012

Project Overview

York Township has been experiencing rather intense suburban development pressures in recent years. These development pressures have precipitated the need for improved land use and transportation planning throughout the Township.

TPD has been assisting York Township staff in transportation and land use planning for many years including providing transportation planning for a Sustainable Community Plan (SCP), Comprehensive Plan Updates, MPO Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) analysis and requests for funding as well as an initial Traffic Impact Fee Study in 2002 and a subsequent full update in 2012.

Most recently, in 2012 TPD completed a full Traffic Impact Fee update which included a 10 year projection Land Use Assumptions Report, Roadway Sufficiency Analysis and Capital Improvement Plan.

TPD’s tasks in completing the study included:

- Approximately 40 intersections

- Existing conditions data collection

- Land use projections and traffic generation

- Study and analysis of key arterial corridors

- Existing, Base and Future Conditions capacity analysis scenarios

- Identification of long term capacity improvements that will be necessary to accommodate future growth throughout York Township

- Cost estimates for improvements

- Identification of potential funding sources

- Implementation Schedule

- 10 year Capital Improvements Plan

- Public involvement, Committee and Stakeholders meetings

The updated study was adopted by resolution in 2012.