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Borough of Phoenixville
351 Bridge Street
Phoenixville, PA 19460

Project Completion Date

April 2011

Construction Cost


Project Overview

The Borough of Phoenixville received funding through the Home Town Streets program to complete streetscape related improvements along Bridge Street. The purpose of the project was to improve the overall aesthetics along Bridge Street. This is consistent with the Borough’s effort to revitalize the downtown area shopping district. The project involved the replacement of the existing sidewalk, which was in generally poor condition, with decorative sidewalk. In addition, decorative street lights were placed along the corridor to improve pedestrian visibility and safety. Street trees, benches, trash receptacles and signing were also placed throughout the corridor at critical locations. In conjunction with the sidewalk replacement, various out of date City Type Inlets were replaced.

TPD was responsible for the overall contract management of the project, including coordination with the project subconsultants. TPD was also responsible for the preparation of Plans, Specifications and Estimate package and all related environmental documentation.

The highlights of the project included TPD working with the local municipality to develop the overall design of the streetscape improvements and our coordination with adjacent and overlapping projects, including the Gay Street Bridge replacement project and the Phoenixville Area Closed Loop Signal project. TPD also coordinated with the Phoenixville Area Redevelopment Authority to ensure that the design is consistent with Borough planning efforts. Access was effectively maintained through the corridor and to adjacent commercial and residential properties during construction. TPD worked to receive project approvals in a timely fashion.

TPD’s project responsibilities included the completion of the following items:

- Project management

- Categorical Exclusion Evaluation Document

- Plans, Specifications and Estimates package (PS&E)

- Maintenance and Protection of Traffic Plans (MPT)

- Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Plans

- Pavement Marking and Signing Plans

- Utility Coordination

- Drainage Design

- Coordination with PennDOT, Township and Local Officials, and Subconsultants

- Construction Services