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Penn National Gaming, Inc.

Project Completion Date

December 2007

Project Overview

TPD served as Lead Transportation Engineering Consultant on the Hollywood Casino and Penn National project in East Hanover Township, Dauphin County, PA. TPD prepared a traffic impact study to address required improvements for the development of Hollywood Casino at Penn National. As part of the study, TPD developed a simulation model that was used to present before and after simulations of traffic conditions in the area. TPD developed recommendations for several roadway improvements, including substantial interchange improvements at the I-81/Bow Creek Road interchange that involved ramp reconstruction, relocation, widening, and traffic signalization.

TPD designed the interchange improvements including full depth ramp reconstruction of the four ramps, auxiliary turn lanes on both off-ramps, traffic signalization of both on/off ramp intersections with Bow Creek Road, ramp realignment, and installation of left turn lanes on the Bow Creek Road intersections with the I-81 ramps. The interchange improvements required Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Approval. TPD also designed a traffic signal at one nearby off-site intersection (Route 743 and Jonestown Road). TPD was responsible for all roadway and environmental permitting for the roadway improvement project. TPD was also responsible for public meeting representation and presentation at numerous meetings with East Hanover Township and PennDOT District 8-0.

Project responsibilities include the completion of the following items: Trip Generation Study, Traffic Impact Study, Traffic Simulation, Roadway Construction Plans, Highway Occupancy Permit Plans, Traffic Control Plans, Traffic Signal Plans, Signing and Marking Plans, Cross Sections, Drainage Design, Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans, Post Construction Stormwater Management Plans, Coordination with PennDOT, Township and Local Officials, Quantity Estimating, Construction Services, and Public Meeting Representation.

TPD Project Highlights:

- Federal Highway Administration Approval (FHWA) received for Interstate 81 Ramp Modifications.

- Prepared and presented a traffic simulation identifying the positive effects of the proposed interchange improvements.

- Presented the findings of the traffic impact study, design concept, and design plans at numerous public meetings with Municipal Officials and Residents.