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Philadelphia City Planning Commission
One Parkway, 13th Floor
1515 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Project Completion Date

September 2010

Project Overview

TPD has participated in preparing transportation components of a comprehensive Zoning and Land Use Analysis for the West Hunting Park Industrial Area. This largely industrial study area comprised of approximately 320 acres south of U.S. Route 1 at Henry Avenue formerly housed such companies as Tasty Baking and the Budd Company.

TPD continually met with Stakeholders, to include the City Planning Commission, Philadelphia Industrial Development Corp. (PIDC), Civic Association Leaders, and residents of respective communities to develop updated zoning and land use recommendations for the area based on a comprehensive market analysis.

TPD focused on safety concerns identified by community members, to include traffic congestion, pedestrian safety, traffic impacts due to redevelopment, and a mass transit facilities inventory. Additionally, TPD assisted with developing several streetscape scenarios for the Henry Avenue and Wissahickon Avenue corridors.

Lastly, TPD coordinated with the City Streets Department, PennDOT, and SEPTA with respect to the proposed Salvation Army Kroc Center located within the study area limits. TPD initially investigated concerns regarding vehicular access, mass transit accessibility, and the feasibility of installing a traffic signal / traffic calming devices on Wissahickon Avenue.

Project Highlights:

- Coordination meetings with Stakeholders

- Community outreach meetings

- Traffic Impact Studies

- Mass Transit Accessibility Review

- Pedestrian Safety Review

- Streetscape Improvement Recommendations

- Coordination with PennDOT, City Streets Department, and SEPTA