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Expert Witness Support for Accident Investigations fma Expert Witness Support for Accident Investigations fma Expert Witness Support for Accident Investigations fma

TPD's Expert Witness Support for Crash Investigations Services


TPD’s transportation engineers and construction supervisors have worked on over 200 accident cases. Our team specializes in preparing expert reports and testimony for design, maintenance, and construction transportation cases.

Several members of TPD’s staff have prepared expert reports for accident cases in the areas of expertise including: Roadway Design, Traffic Signal System Design, Construction Management and Inspection, and Bridge Design and Inspection.

Experience On Cases Involving:

Work Zone Traffic Control

» Lane Closures (short- and long-term)
» Interchanges
» Detours (Vehicles and Bike/Ped)
» Night Time Work Zone Traffic Control
» Flagging Operations
» Highway Safety
» Highway and Bridge Design
» Utility Pole Placement
» Highway Lighting
» Highway Drainage
» Sight Distance
» Clear Zones
» Lane Marking
» Signage
» On-Street Parking
» Motorcycles

Highway and Bridge Maintenance

» Sign Maintenance/Replacement
» Winter Maintenance
• Highways
• Bridges
• Traffic Signals
• Parking Lots
» Repaving
» Pavement Rutting
» Pothole Repair
» Manholes
» Roadside Vegetation Management


» Mid-Block Ped Crossings
» Intersection Crossings (Signalized and Unsignalized)
» Blind and Visually Impaired
» School Zones
» Parking Lots/Parking Garages

Construction Management/Construction Methods

» Contracts/Claims/Cost Estimates
» Responsibilities of Project Owner/Designer/Construction Manager/Construction Inspector/Contractor

Traffic Signal Design, Operations and Maintenance

At-Grade Rail Crossings

Commercial Establishments

» Sidewalks
» Bollards
» Internal Circulation
» Parking Lot Design
» Curb Stops
» Fire Lanes