Shawn Glick CFO Award News Image

Shawn Glick named a CFO of the Year in 2018

Shawn Glick, CFO of TPD, was named a CFO of the Year by the Philadelphia Business Journal (PBJ). Each year, the PBJ selects a list of executives who exemplify professionalism, integrity, resilience, and mastery of all the financial and people skills that make a successful CFO. On July 12, 2018, the 21 honorees were recognized at the PBJ’s awards ceremony at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel in Center City.

Mr. Glick serves as a Principal, Officer, and CFO of TPD, having gained all of his 20 years of professional experience with the firm. As CFO, he is responsible for overseeing company-wide corporate services: Accounting, Risk Management, Human Resources (HR), Information Technology (IT), Marketing, and Facilities. He has played an active role in implementing strategic initiatives, increasing profitability, and strengthening the financial stability of the company. Mr. Glick notes that “being named a CFO, or any other high level position for that matter, takes work and dedication. Each role along the way was a stepping stone that provided me with additional knowledge, experience and failures that I learned from that enabled me to successfully become a CFO. Of course, my coworkers were also invaluable.”

TPD congratulates and commends all individuals that were recognized this year for their accomplishments and financial leadership. For the full list of winners, visit