What is TPD’s long-term plan for allowing employees to telecommute or work remotely?

TPD has always placed work/life balance at the top of the list when it comes to employee benefits because it fosters a healthier, less stressful workplace and improves employee health and well-being while increasing productivity. TPD considers telecommuting and remote work to be viable work arrangements if the employee’s past performance and job description permit it. 

Please refer to the Telecommuting and Remote Work policy and Telecommuting and Remote Work IT Procedure for more information.

When am I expected to return to the office?

Although you can work in an office, you will also have the option to continue to telecommute or work remotely. We understand that the pandemic changed people’s lives and schedules significantly which is why TPD will be giving employees the option to gradually return to the office. As always, there should be open communication with your manager regarding your schedule and your plans to return. Some teams might find it beneficial to come into the office on certain days of the week so they can collaborate in person again. This should be left up to the leadership on your team.

Who do I talk to if I have questions about returning to the office?

TPD formed a Return to the Office Committee and there is also a COVID Safety Officer assigned to each office. If you have questions about returning to the office, please reach out to someone on the Return to the Office Committee. If you have questions about safety procedures or supplies (PPE, cleaning supplies, etc.) within an office, please reach out to a COVID Safety Officer. At any time, you can also speak to your direct manager, department manager, or a member of Human Resources as TPD has an open-door communication policy.

Return to the Office Committee

Amy Daiute, Guido DiMartino, John Doyle, Tuan Duong, Mohamed Elghawy, Shawn Glick, Natalie Hainley (chair), Donald Jacobs, Todd Lanphear, Joseph Platt, Robert Prophet, Marty Rosen, and Christy Staudt.

COVID-19 Safety Officer by Office

AVO: Kristy Carter
BCO: Philip Wursta
CCO: Alex Meitzler
CJO: Gregory Bitsko
CPO: Joseph Janos
HBO: Jarred Neal
LVO: Robert Hoffman
PBO: Michael Mudry
PTO: Janko Mamrilla
WCO: Matthew Hammond