What if I want to continue to work from home after the summer months?

TPD has always placed work/life balance at the top of the list when it comes to employee benefits, because it fosters a healthier and less stressful workplace, and improves employee health and well-being while increasing productivity. We want to make sure employees feel comfortable returning to the office and therefore, as recently communicated, employees have the option to continue telecommuting and working remotely through the summer months, with the provision that the employee’s schedule is coordinated and agreed upon between the employee and their direct manager.

TPD has revised its Telecommuting policy to a new Telecommuting and Remote Work policy. Every employee that wishes to telecommute (your primary office is a TPD office, but you have the capability to work from home) or work remotely (your primary office is your home because you work from home or an office provided by “others”), should read this policy carefully. If you are interested in working remotely and changing your primary office to your home after the summer, or would like to telecommute on a regular schedule, please speak to your manager at any time to discuss your eligibility. For an employee proposing to change their work schedule relative to pre-pandemic conditions, the summer months can be utilized for discussing the proposed change with your manager, to make sure it is appropriate, and your work responsibilities can be fully satisfied under the proposed schedule (as outlined in the Telecommuting and Remote Work policy).

If the change that is agreed upon is a remote work arrangement, it can be documented by your manager by filling out the Employee Change Notification Form to change your primary office to remote. Please note, this form is for a manager to document an agreed-upon change, not a form for an employee to request a change. For employees who wish to continue to work remotely after the summer months, the deadline for the manager to complete this form is September 7, 2021. However, this policy and process will remain active so that employees can continue to propose changes in their work schedules as life situations evolve.