What will TPD be doing to help maintain company culture with more people than pre-Covid telecommuting and working remotely?

Besides the events above, several initiatives during the fifteen months of Covid will be retained.  One such initiative will be the continuation of “Fireside Chats” with Kevin.  Currently, he is on his second such set of chats through his participating in the Diversity and Inclusivity sessions led by Herman Lloyd.  Whether telecommuting or working remotely, the average person saves one hour a day in commuting time.  This time can be used by Office Managers to hold more frequent meetings with the staff in their offices.  Team leaders can use this time for more frequent meetings with their direct reports.  These meetings and Fireside Chats can be used to not only address current items, but in the big picture discuss where the company is going. 

Likewise, to paraphrase JFK, “Ask not what TPD can do for you to maintain connectivity with those working remotely, ask what those working remotely can do to maintain connectivity with TPD.”  With the extra hour or so each day when not commuting, individual employees also need to take advantage of this time to maintain connectivity to fellow team members and office members.