Pennsylvania Rapid Bridge Replacement Project

Various Counties, PA (Districts 2-0, 3-0, 5-0, 8-0, 9-0, 10-0, 11-0, & 12-0)


PennDOT Central Office
Keystone Building
400 North Street

Harrisburg, PA 17120








TPD was added to a team performing bridge replacement designs and reviews for PennDOT Central Office, as part of the overall Pennsylvania Rapid Bridge Replacement Project.  The overall project included the design and construction of 569 bridges across Pennsylvania within a 3-year timeframe. TPD was added to the project Team to assist with the delivery of these bridges, and successfully delivered the design of fourteen (14) bridges in less than a year for the project. TPD’s responsibilities included overall project management and coordination with environmental, right-of-way, hydraulic and hydrologic, geotechnical and utility disciplines, as well as the contractor review.

Responsibilities also included the preliminary and final structural design of one box culvert, one two span bridge, and 12 single span bridges. Each of the projects involved replacement of deficient bridges by designing new cost efficient structures which minimized approach work and right-of-way impacts. The structures had various design challenges and site constraints including Historic District’s, staged construction, endangered species, utilities, School District’s, state parks and private adjacent properties.

Due to the high volume of structures within the program and the compressed delivery schedule, TPD utilized numerous design and detailing aids that complement PennDOT’s in house programs in order to efficiently navigate the preliminary design process and produce complete design packages.

TPD’s responsibilities on this project include the completion of all engineering and environmental tasks for the proposed bridge replacement, including:

- Project Management/Administration

- Line and Grade

- TS&L and Final Structure Design and Plans

- Environmental Coordination

- Traffic Control Plans

- Signing and Pavement Marking Plans

- Right-of-Way Coordination

- Utility Coordination

- Contractor Coordination


Lehigh County, PA

Service(s): Bridge Design & Inspection
Client(s): PennDOT District 5-0

Lemoyne Borough, Cumberland County, PA

Service(s): Bridge Design & Inspection
Client(s): PennDOT District 8-0

Chester County, PA

Service(s): Bridge Design & Inspection
Client(s): PennDOT District 6-0