Route 209 over Wiconisco Creek Bridge Replacement

Williams Township, Dauphin County, PA


PennDOT District 8-0
2140 Herr Street
Harrisburg, PA 17103



December 2011





This project involved the replacement of the existing bridge carrying S.R. 0209 over Wiconisco Creek, and roadway widening to provide a dedicated left turn lane from S.R. 0209 into the Williams Valley School Complex adjacent to the project. The existing structure was a three-span cast-in- place reinforced concrete T-beam bridge with an overall length  of  131’,  supported on cut stone masonry abutments and piers skewed 60° to the roadway centerline. The bridge was constructed in 1941, had a clear roadway width of approximately 27’-3”, and was classified as structurally deficient and functionally obsolete. S.R. 0209 is a rural minor arterial on a tangent alignment and flat grade, with two 11’ lanes and 6’ shoulders. The posted speed limit was 55 mph.

The proposed bridge is a two-span continuous composite prestressed concrete spread box beam superstructure supported on full height reinforced concrete abutments and a solid shaft pier.  The overall length is 132’, comprised of two 66’-0” spans measured from the centerline of the abutment bearings to the centerline of the pier. The substructure is skewed at an angle of 60º with the superstructure to align them with the flow of Wiconisco Creek. The bridge was widened to provide two 11’ through lanes, one 11’ dedicated left turn lane, and 6’ shoulders across it. The proposed structure provides a waterway opening that is slightly greater than the existing and will not increase flood water levels.

Construction of the new bridge occurred in two stages involving half width demolition of the existing bridge and construction of the new bridge. Single lane traffic was maintained in each stage using temporary signals to control directional flow and access to and from the Williams Valley School complex and adjacent commercial buildings.

TPD provided the following engineering and environmental services for the design of this bridge replacement:

- Wetland Identification and Delineation of four wetland areas

- Hydrologic and Hydraulic Studies of Wiconisco Creek under existing and proposed conditions

- Structure TS&L Studies of alternative bridge types to determine the most cost effective bridge

- PADEP and Army Corps of Engineers 105/404 Joint Permit application

- Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Plan

- Post-Construction Stormwater Management Plan

- NPDES Permit application

- Roadway Design and preparation of Roadway Construction

- Plans, Specifications and Cost Estimate

- Traffic Counts, Turning Movement Analysis, and Warrant

- Analysis for dedicated left turn lane

- Maintenance and Protection of Traffic Design and preparation of Traffic Control Plans

- Work Zone Traffic Delay Analysis and Temporary Signal Design and Plans

- Right-of-Way Plan and Property Plot Plan Preparation

- Final Structure Design and preparation of Structure Plans and specific

- Construction Cost Estimate

- Pre-bid Construction Schedule

Lehigh County, PA

Service(s): Bridge Design & Inspection
Client(s): PennDOT District 5-0

Lemoyne Borough, Cumberland County, PA

Service(s): Bridge Design & Inspection
Client(s): PennDOT District 8-0

Chester County, PA

Service(s): Bridge Design & Inspection
Client(s): PennDOT District 6-0