PA Turnpike – Rehabilitation and Resurfacing (MP 236 to MP 242)

Lower Allen & Fairview Townships, York & Cumberland Counties, PA


PA Turnpike Commission
P.O. Box 67676
Harrisburg, PA 17106-7676



September 2012


TPD was assigned Work Order No. 5 under our current Statewide Design Open End Agreement (3-029). The assignment is for the design of various improvements between MP 236 and MP 242 along the PA Turnpike Mainline. The improvements consist of resurfacing of the shoulders, slope repair, replacement of multiple drainage structures, replacement of guide rail and attenuating devices, repairs at two mainline structures and other miscellaneous repairs.

TPD began work on the design of the improvements in December 2011. Initial work involved the development of base plans using existing As Built plans and field measurements performed by TPD. Upon completion of the base plans, TPD worked with Turnpike officials to develop the proposed improvements for the project. TPD will be coordinating with officials from PennDOT District 8-0, various utilities as well as with officials from the County Conservation Districts through the design process.

Project Highlights:

- Site visits

- Project management

- Roadway Construction Plans

- Maintenance and Protection of Traffic Plans

- Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Plans

- Plans, Specifications and Estimates package (PS&E)

- Permitting Preparation and Coordination

- Services During Construction

- Coordination with PennDOT, Review Agencies and Local Officials

- Utility Coordination

City of Bethlehem & Hanover Township, Lehigh County, PA

Service(s): Highway Design
Client(s): Rockefeller Development

West Bradford Township, Chester County, PA

Service(s): Highway Design & Transportation Planning & Permitting
Client(s): Stargazers Village Partners, LP

East Whiteland & Charlestown Townships, Chester County, PA

Service(s): Highway Design
Client(s): Trammell Crow NE, Inc.