Market Street Streetscape Project: Phase II

Borough of Lemoyne, Cumberland County, PA


Borough of Lemoyne
510 Herman Avenue
Lemoyne, PA 17043



Fall 2014





The Borough of Lemoyne received funding through the PCTI program to complete Phase II of their streetscape master plan. The proposed improvements are targeted for Market Street and also include improvements to the school route along 7th Street to the south of Market Street.

The purpose of the project is to improve the overall aesthetics along Market Street and incorporate complete streets elements to improve accessibility and pedestrian access along the corridor. This is consistent with the Borough’s effort to revitalize the downtown area. TPD assisted the Borough design review committee through a conceptual plan refinement, cost estimates and preliminary and final design on the project.

TPD was responsible for evaluating the master plan improvements, including lighting, rain gardens, intersection bulb-outs, school zone implementation, bicycle accommodations and other elements such as benches, trees, trash receptacles and signing. Upon completion of the public involvement stage, TPD completed the design and permitting process for the project.

TPD was responsible for the overall contract management of the project, including coordination with the project subconsultants. TPD was also responsible for the preparation of Plans, Specifications and Estimate package and related environmental documentation. TPD also developed bidding and contract documents in accordance with PennDOT bidding specifications.

TPD’s responsibilities included the following tasks:

- Conceptual Plan Refinement
- Stakeholders Meetings
- Public Involvement
- Project Management
- Drainage Design
- Construction Services
- Coordination with PennDOT, Borough/Local Officials & Subs
- Utility Coordination
- Erosion & Sediment Pollution Control Plans
- Pavement Marking and Signing Plans
- Maintenance & Protection of Traffic Plans
- Plans, Specifications and Estimates package (PS&E)
- Categorical Exclusion Evaluation Document
- Worked with residents & Borough staff to minimize any impacts on parking availability
- Worked with PennDOT to guide the project through the requirements of the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

Prime consultant for design services for a network of on- and off-street bicycle facilities, sidewalk/crossing and intersection safety improvements. Including ADA & Green Stormwater.

- Federally funded - Full PS&E process
- NACTO Bicycle Treatments including road diet to fit a cycle track in existing curb to curb width
- Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) design
- Traffic improvements and intersection modifications
- Signal design


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