Work/life balance has become more than just a mantra at TPD, it is deeply rooted in our foundation. While clients are valued above all else, TPDers are respected at the same level. We strive to continually serve our employees by demonstrating a commitment to provide exceptional benefits, workplace perks, valuable learning experiences, and a second home for our people.

TPD takes pride in our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. We strive to embrace the things that make people unique to gain a deeper respect and understanding for each other. We firmly believe that by attracting and retaining diverse talent we will be able to better understand and leverage the diverse background of our clients, as well as the communities we support. TPD also champions a culture of inclusion and acceptance. Inclusion is welcomed and TPD creates an environment where all individuals can thrive, succeed, and bring their authentic self to work. We foster an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance, in which these individuals’ talents are able to be developed every day.


came to work for TPD as their first job & are still here today
of current staff are former co-ops who are now full-time
annual voluntary turnover rate is steadily 8%
of current staff explored other options & returned to TPD