TPD provides planning and engineering services that go beyond the traditional transportation focus on ‘motorized’ vehicle capacity. While highway capacity is a critical element to a thriving economy, the past approach to planning our nation’s infrastructure has often resulted in high speed, high capacity roadways. Many of these roads divide communities and limit safe access to more affordable, environmentally friendly and physically active transportation modes. More than ever, communities and the people that call these places home, ask for more mobility options to walk, use transit or bike. People seek choices when making a decision about how to travel. TPD embraces this approach to transportation and mobility, and whether we are designing a trail, roadway, intersection, or bridge, our focus is to create more choices for people to travel safely.

As a result of this shift in mobility planning, industry standards are rapidly evolving to include innovative multimodal solutions. It can be challenging for municipalities and practitioners to keep up with the latest standards. Our clients can count on TPD to be aware of the latest innovation in design, planning and engineering.

TPD’s mission is to improve the quality of life for the public through safe and efficient transportation systems. In order to accomplish this, TPD develops innovative and comprehensive solutions that balance the safety and mobility needs of all road users.


Our end goal is to ensure that people of all ages and abilities are able to travel safely within their community. Whether walking, bicycling, taking transit or driving, we ensure that all modes are considered via planning and design for:

Pedestrian accessibility
– On-road bicycle facilities, including NACTO treatments
– Off-road bicycle facilities, i.e. multiuse trails and side paths
– Roadway crossing (signalized and unsignalized)

– Streetscape design and traffic calming
– Safe routes to school
– Transit facilities and access routes
– Accommodations for pedestrians with hearing and vision disabilities


TPD works to make roadways, trails, and bridges accessible to all users in the following ways:

Bicycle and pedestrian network planning
– Conceptual planning and cost estimating
– Public involvement and community engagement
– Preliminary feasibility studies
– Grant writing and funding source identification
– Environmental and right-of-way impact analysis

– Transportation project permitting
– Transportation design
– Traffic calming
– Transportation research & publishing
– Corridor safety studies
– Vision zero planning


Departments of transportation
– MPOs
– Counties
– Municipalities
– Private land developers
– Non-profit agencies
– Educational institutions

East Marlborough Township, Chester County, PA

Service(s): Multimodal, Complete Streets & Mobility Services, Traffic Signal & ITS Systems, Municipal Engineering Services, Highway Design
Client(s): East Marlborough Township

Lehigh Valley, PA

Service(s): Multimodal, Complete Streets & Mobility Services
Client(s): Lehigh Valley Planning Commission

West Whiteland Township, Chester County, PA

Service(s): Multimodal, Complete Streets & Mobility Services & Construction Management & Inspection Services
Client(s): West Whiteland Township