Market Street Corridor Study

Borough of Lewisburg, Union County, PA


Borough of Lewisburg
55 South Fifth Street
Lewisburg PA 17837



November 2019


The Market Street Corridor Study was a data-driven comprehensive planning and engineering study that assessed public safety, public health, environmental and transportation concerns along a nine-block section of Market Street (PA Route 45) in the Historic District of Lewisburg Borough.

Within the Lewisburg Historic District, Market Street is lined with historic buildings, street trees, and busy sidewalks. It is a hub of pedestrian activity throughout the day. Bicyclists, rideshare vehicles, delivery trucks and multiple bus companies compete for limited curb space. Growing regional freight traffic has resulted in new challenges related to pedestrian safety, historic preservation, economic viability, and quality of life.

TPD worked with the Borough and other local stakeholders to identify challenges and opportunities along the corridor. The project team’s recommendations included:

– Streetscape enhancements

– Pedestrian-friendly traffic signal modifications

– Restrictions on truck traffic

Reducing conflicts between transportation modes can improve public safety for all roadway users.

This comprehensive vision for the corridor will allow Lewisburg to develop a safer and healthier multimodal transportation network that preserves the integrity of the Historic District and surrounding residential neighborhoods.

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