Montgomery County Under 20’ Bridge Inspections

Montgomery County, PA


PennDOT District 6-0
7000 Geerdes Boulevard
King of Prussia, PA 19406



March 2016





As the prime consultant under a five-year agreement with PennDOT District 6-0, TPD completed the routine inspections of 208 State-owned bridges with spans less than or equal to 20 feet in Montgomery County. The bridge types included precast box culverts, slab bridges, concrete T-beam bridges, concrete encased steel I-beam bridges, steel stringer bridges, corrugated metal pipes and pipe culverts, and stone masonry arches. Work was performed in accordance with PennDOT procedures utilizing PennDOT iForms for data collection and upload to PennDOT’s BMS2 database.

Sixteen (16) of the bridges are Permit Required Confined Spaces and required special safety precautions such as gas monitoring equipment to inspect the structures.

PennDOT District 8-0

Service(s): Bridge Design
Client(s): PennDOT District 8-0

Upper Uwchlan Township, Chester County, PA

Service(s): Bridge Design
Client(s): PA Turnpike Commission

Philadelphia, PA

Service(s): Construction Management Inspection Services
Client(s): PennDOT District 6-0