Strasburg Road, Romansville Road & Shadyside Road Roundabout

West Bradford Township, Chester County, PA


Stargazers Village Partners, LP
555 Croton Road, Suite 120
King of Prussia, PA 19406



July 2018





In its role as the traffic engineer for Stargazers Village Partners, LP, TPD provided transportation planning and engineering services for the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Strasburg Road (S.R.3062), Romansville Road (S.R.3051), Shadyside Road (Township), and Stargazer Road (S.R. 3051).

TPD provided a feasibility study for this intersection in order to determine the viability of a roundabout versus a traditional traffic signal. The multi-road intersection contains three acute angle intersections with the major route. Additionally the proposed development access was located between two offset intersections. This geometry posed various conceptual difficulties when considering an upgrade to the intersections. Through coordination with the Township and PennDOT, the intersection was identified as a candidate for the installation of a five leg roundabout. The analysis also indicated that a portion of the roundabout would be multilane. This is the first roundabout in the area with a multilane component.

TPD completed the following tasks for the design of the roundabout:

- Roundabout capacity analysis

- Conceptual design of the roundabout

- Roadway construction plans

- Signing and pavement marking plans

- Roundabout performance evaluation checks

- Traffic control and roadway detour plans

- Lighting design and analysis

- Utility coordination and permitting right-of-way/abandonment plans

- Roundabout highway occupancy permitting

- Stakeholder coordination

Buncombe County, NC

Service(s): Transportation Planning & Permitting
Client(s): McGill Associates

Manheim Township, Lancaster County, PA

Service(s): Traffic Signal & ITS Systems Design & Transportation Planning & Permitting
Client(s): R.J. Waters & Associates, Inc.

West Manchester Township, York County, PA

Service(s): Transportation Planning & Permitting
Client(s): Community Health Systems