Holbrook Road Subdivision

Buncombe County, NC


McGill Associates
55 Broad Street
Asheville, NC 28801





TPD was selected to provide traffic analysis and roadway design services for the Holbrook Road Subdivision development located in Asheville, NC.

This 23-acre residential development project consists of 108 single-family homes. The traffic study consisted of a seven-intersection study. TPD completed engineering design services for roadway widening and signal modifications at Holbrook Road and Monte Vista Road.

TPD provided an array of services, including:

- Phasing analysis

- Traffic impact study

- Alternative mitigation improvement analysis

- Design of onsite roadway and drainage systems

- Right-of-way Encroachment Permit Plans

- Traffic Signal Plan revisions

- Intersection Improvement Plans

- Drainage Plans

Analysis of the site included development of school trip generation and distribution from a neighborhood elementary school located close to the site. As school was not in session while the study was being completed, TPD worked with NCDOT to develop school site traffic to overlay with existing and projected volumes to ensure an appropriate and accurate traffic loading of area roadways had been provided.

As coordinated with NCDOT and Buncombe County, off-site improvements including a new off-site, right-turn lane and traffic signal modifications were provided in conjunction with NCDOT encroachment permitting.

Buncombe County, NC

Service(s): Transportation Planning & Permitting
Client(s): McGill Associates

Manheim Township, Lancaster County, PA

Service(s): Traffic Signal & ITS Systems Design & Transportation Planning & Permitting
Client(s): R.J. Waters & Associates, Inc.

West Manchester Township, York County, PA

Service(s): Transportation Planning & Permitting
Client(s): Community Health Systems