SEPTA Ogontz Bus Loop

Cheltenham Township & City of Philadelphia, PA


Southern PA Transportation Authority (SEPTA)
1234 Market Street, 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107



Spring 2011





TPD, working as a sub-consultant to The Burns Group, Inc., performed professional planning and design services for SEPTA, as part of the General Engineering Contract, at the Ogontz Bus Loop location. SEPTA’s vision was to re-develop the antiquated bus depot into a modern facility that will serve its riders. The improvements addressed by TPD revolved around the traffic operation and circulation in and around the loop. Planning and analyses work addressed the bus circulation of 5 plus routes that serve the facility, the pedestrian activity and crossing along Ogontz Avenue, and the current vehicular traffic interacting along the adjacent roadway network. TPD also prepared the construction drawings to accommodate the improvements required to address the egress/ingress access to the loop and to address the safety of the Ogontz Avenue pedestrian crossing.

TPD incorporated an adaptive traffic signal system into the design. This system’s purpose was to regulate the traffic flow and respective “green” signal time for each intersection approach.

The most challenging aspect of this project, which was aimed at creating a more efficient Bus Loop and safety of the transit users, was ensuring that the traffic and pedestrian interaction was improved without adversely affecting the traffic flow.

TPD was responsible for:

- Traffic Data Collection

- Traffic Signal Permit Plan Designs

- Traffic Signal Construction Plan Design

- Bus Loop Circulation Analyses

- ADA Ramp Design

- Traffic Flow Simulation

- Traffic Signal Intersection and Corridor Analyses

- Preparation of Project Plan Package, including specifications and contract documents

- Construction Related Services

- Coordination with SEPTA, PENNDOT, City Personnel, Township, Contractors, and Community Stakeholders


Limerick Township, Montgomery County, PA

Service(s): Highway Design. Construction Management and Inspection Services, Traffic Signal & ITS Systems Design & Environmental Services & Permitting
Client(s): Limerick Township

East Marlborough Township, Chester County, PA

Service(s): Multimodal, Complete Streets & Mobility Services, Traffic Signal & ITS Systems, Municipal Engineering Services, Highway Design
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Client(s): Lehigh Valley Planning Commission