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Wawa, Inc.
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TPD and Wawa Inc. have a strong relationship fostered by the simultaneous expansion of both companies. With offices in PennDOT Districts 5-0, 6-0, and 8-0, TPD provides engineering services for Wawa stores throughout eastern and central Pennsylvania. TPD is also able to continue to support the growth of Wawa with projects in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia based on the strategic locations of our four offices.

TPD has been involved in over 400 projects for Wawa which has resulted in a mutually beneficial relationship. Because of Wawa’s exclusive use of TPD for traffic engineering services in eastern and central Pennsylvania, TPD is able to prepare traffic impact studies, traffic signal designs, roadway designs, and Highway Occupancy Permits (HOP) Plans that quickly and efficiently meets the needs of each individual Wawa location. Based on this experience, TPD has been recognized as the experts in the traffic operations of their convenience store with gasoline prototype facility. TPD authored an article that was published in the August 2001 edition of the ITE Journal entitled Trip Generation Characteristics of Convenience Stores. The article studied 28 operating Wawa convenience stores with gasoline facilities and discussed that current trip generation methodologies outlined in the ITE Trip Generation Manual do not apply to this new type of land use. The article has been accepted by ITE, PennDOT, and Townships and has resulted in lower traffic impact fees incurred by Wawa.

Like all of our clients, TPD remains dedicated to providing quality traffic engineering services for Wawa in an effort to obtain quicker project approvals on both the Township and DOT levels. TPD’s knowledge of PennDOT HOP regulations due to our experience as Prime Consultant on the PennDOT (District 6-0 and 8-0) HOP review contract enables us to gain approvals 2 ½ months faster than other firms on average. TPD recognizes that fast approvals coupled with sound engineering are the bottom line on any development project. It is for this reason that Wawa has entrusted TPD with providing full traffic and transportation engineering services on all of their projects in this region.

Project Responsibilities:

- Traffic Impact Studies

- Highway Occupancy Permit (HOP) Plans

- Traffic Signal Designs

- Roadway and Intersection Designs

- Expert Testimony

- Meeting Representation

- Access Studies

- Continued Research for ITE Trip Generation Manual


Buncombe County, NC

Service(s): Transportation Planning & Permitting
Client(s): McGill Associates

Manheim Township, Lancaster County, PA

Service(s): Traffic Signal & ITS Systems Design & Transportation Planning & Permitting
Client(s): R.J. Waters & Associates, Inc.

West Manchester Township, York County, PA

Service(s): Transportation Planning & Permitting
Client(s): Community Health Systems